This is how the left responds to thought or speech they don’t agree with. This poorly constructed, grotesque and profane tirade was posted in response to a well thought out, articulate, respectful statement, delivered in the proper context and forum at one of our most esteemed institutions of higher learning. This profanity laced invective unleashed against a student speaker at the University of Pennsylvania (University Council Meeting) reflects poorly not only on the individual who wrote it but on the broad spectrum of  left wing ideology it represents. What’s more, this ideology infects today’s American college campuses and is actively oppressing students, guest speakers and anyone else who dares hold opposing views .

Unfortunately this is part and parcel of the intimidation and harassment (both verbal and physical) conservative students face almost daily. What’s more this retaliation is tacitly condoned by university officials by virtue of the fact that a clear and forceful message, condemning this type of political oppression on campus has not been articulated by the administration in the form of a written policy. Nor have steps been taken to provide safe spaces for students holding diverse opinions to express them. Today it’s all too common for speaking engagements to be cancelled of otherwise disrupted because the speakers or topics run afoul of the dominant leftist orthodoxy. For all the left’s whining about diversity, there is none when it comes to political thought especially at the one place it should be most cherished- college . College campuses are among the most politically repressive places in the world any more. This was the central theme expressed so well in the statement to the University Council.

The original statement was delivered by Michael Moroz, representing the College Republicans. Michael is an extremely intelligent, passionate young man from a modest background. Michael was raised in a good home, instilled with good morals, decency and virtue. His mother escaped the horrors of Communism and oppression and emigrated to America where her son faces a new kind of oppression: the intolerance, oppression and hatred of the political left. This isn’t the first time Michael has faced this kind of backlash for simply speaking his mind. He endured threats, harassment and intimidation in Philadelphia’s Central High School as well for daring to express an opinion contrary to the left wing dogma that today seems to infect institutions of learning at every level.

There’s an upside to this story however. It’s this- despite this being a generation of self absorbed, spoiled, whiny, listless, everybody get’s a trophy, unhinged cry babies there are young men like Michael Moroz out there. Future leaders with the courage to stand up, be respectful, be intelligent and mature and say what they believe DESPITE knowing they will suffer bitter resentment, be ostracized, be threatened, harassed and intimidated. That’s true courage and character and it comes from the belief in the justness of one’s convictions. Hat’s off to Michael Moroz, a giant among the irrelevant.



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