This is how the left responds to thought or speech they don’t agree with. This poorly constructed, grotesque and profane tirade was posted in response to a well thought out, articulate, respectful statement, delivered in the proper context and forum at one of our most esteemed institutions of higher learning. This profanity laced invective unleashed against a student speaker at the University of Pennsylvania (University Council Meeting) reflects poorly not only on the individual who wrote it but on the broad spectrum of  left wing ideology it represents. What’s more, this ideology infects today’s American college campuses and is actively oppressing students, guest speakers and anyone else who dares hold opposing views .

Unfortunately this is part and parcel of the intimidation and harassment (both verbal and physical) conservative students face almost daily. What’s more this retaliation is tacitly condoned by university officials by virtue of the fact that a clear and forceful message, condemning this type of political oppression on campus has not been articulated by the administration in the form of a written policy. Nor have steps been taken to provide safe spaces for students holding diverse opinions to express them. Today it’s all too common for speaking engagements to be cancelled of otherwise disrupted because the speakers or topics run afoul of the dominant leftist orthodoxy. For all the left’s whining about diversity, there is none when it comes to political thought especially at the one place it should be most cherished- college . College campuses are among the most politically repressive places in the world any more. This was the central theme expressed so well in the statement to the University Council.

The original statement was delivered by Michael Moroz, representing the College Republicans. Michael is an extremely intelligent, passionate young man from a modest background. Michael was raised in a good home, instilled with good morals, decency and virtue. His mother escaped the horrors of Communism and oppression and emigrated to America where her son faces a new kind of oppression: the intolerance, oppression and hatred of the political left. This isn’t the first time Michael has faced this kind of backlash for simply speaking his mind. He endured threats, harassment and intimidation in Philadelphia’s Central High School as well for daring to express an opinion contrary to the left wing dogma that today seems to infect institutions of learning at every level.

There’s an upside to this story however. It’s this- despite this being a generation of self absorbed, spoiled, whiny, listless, everybody get’s a trophy, unhinged cry babies there are young men like Michael Moroz out there. Future leaders with the courage to stand up, be respectful, be intelligent and mature and say what they believe DESPITE knowing they will suffer bitter resentment, be ostracized, be threatened, harassed and intimidated. That’s true courage and character and it comes from the belief in the justness of one’s convictions. Hat’s off to Michael Moroz, a giant among the irrelevant.



Funny thing – 700 murders a year in Chicago under Obama. He did nothing about it even though it was his adopted home town. 700 minority lives gone. In the first week of Trumps administration he’s already put the Chicago administration of (Rahm Emmanuel the Obama / Clinton crony) on notice: If they can’t / won’t stop the killing he will. Trump will send in the Justice Department to stop the killing of HUNDREDS of minorities a year, saving thousands of families eternal grief and breaking the cycle of violence.Obama never used the Justice Department like that. Pretty uncharacteristic thing to do for a racist. You would think if Trump was a racist he could just do what Obama did… nothing and sit back and gleefully ignore the killing of minorities.

You know who else stopped the killing of minorities? Rudy Giuliani that’s who. NYC was unlivable for over two decades until Giuliani restored law and order. Now we don’t have nearly the numbers of dead minorities or other citizens in the Big Apple although under DeBlasio New York is starting to teeter. Imagine that. The left is having a complete psychotic episode because they didn’t get their way much like a spoiled child has a tantrum and acts out when told no. It’s pathetic but at the end of the day those families who are able to resume a normal life without fear of being murdered in their own neighborhood will thank him. But hey keep wearing your stupid pussy hats while the adults clean up Obama’s mess.



The actual crowd at the time of the swearing in was much different than the one CNN used from hours earlier.

The debate about the inaugural attendance has raged all weekend. Some of our wise elders of conservative punditry have been hard on the administration for taking CNN to task over their lies. Most have opined along the lines that there was no good reason to engage in this skirmish that turned into an all out battle. Let me remind you that Gettysburg started out as a series of skirmishes leading to a decisive battle that helped the North win the Civil War.

There was a VERY GOOD REASON to fight this battle. The Trump administration started from DAY ONE putting the MSM on notice that there’s a new administration in town and they won’t tolerate their lies and bias any more. It’s already widely known the MSM hates this administration and have lied about them from day one of the campaign, so the Trump team had nothing to lose. Once again President Trump has shown his near total mastery of media. This controversy completely drowned out coverage of the left wing hate march on the Sunday news shows.

Most Americans believe the MSM is corrupt and bias often inventing FAKE NEWS. By calling the MSM out on the very first day, the Trump administration is sent a clear message that their lies will be confronted and exposed and the public will understand that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS are all in collusion against the right. This was actually a BRILLIANT move. CNN lied about the MLK bust being removed and the crowd size and got burned for it. The public now has that seared into their collective memory. The next time they do it they’ll get burned again. This is simple- the best defense is a good offense. You confront lies immediately, not after they become “facts”.

Normally Republicans are too terrified to confront the media because they’re scared of being labeled (INSERT PHOBIC HERE). Not any more. At the press briefing today the normal pecking order was upended when the New York Post and the Christian Broadcasting Network got called on first not the AP! You could hear the collective media sniveling all across the Twitterverse! The MSM was just put on notice. Do your damn job or get exposed.


When you can’t win popular support for your leftist ideology violence is often not far behind. What’s even more horrifying is this violence against another women, caught on tape at a WOMEN’S RIGHTS MARCH is tacitly approved and condoned by the other “concerned” women who stood by and DID NOTHING except shield the MALE ATTACKER! I would have had SO MUCH MORE RESPECT for the “women’s rights” crowd if they jumped on that guy and beat him senseless. I don’t know maybe he’s on his way to a re-education camp right now.



Dear Congressman (INSERT NAME OF YOU ELECTED SNOWFLAKE) : As an elected Representative of this District and as an American citizen you have a DUTY to this Republic and to the Constitution you SWORE to defend and uphold, to stand together on this Inauguration Day and welcome the PEOPLE’S chosen President. Win, lose or draw that’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. By acting like a child who didn’t get their way, you’re setting a disgraceful precedent to the younger generation of would be future representatives who look at you to be a guiding example. You say you disagree with the result of the election… but what does that mean? The PEOPLE have spoken and Mr. trump is the duly elected President elect just as Mr. Obama was when he won. There’ll be plenty of time to express your disagreement with the President elect soon enough and you should do that in the most vigorous and respectful way possible. That’s also your duty and prerogative. But on THIS day you owe it to all Americans and as an example to the WORLD to engage in the PEACEFUL transition of power, in good faith and to be a good sport, something we teach our children to do in little league. I’m a firefighter. What if I decided to act like a politician and only attend the alarms of those whom I agree with? What’s the difference sir? We BOTH work for the people, ALL the people. Except while I’m prepared to put my life on the line to help people who I may vehemently disagree with, people I don’t even know, you can’t manage to put on a diplomatic face and put our Country ahead of your personal feelings for one day. I strongly urge you to reconsider this childish, partisan display of immaturity, show some class, decorum and dignity and do the right thing. Stand up for America.


obamaveterans-777x437A 76-year-old veteran committed suicide on Sunday in the parking lot of the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Long Island, where he had been a patient, according to the Suffolk County Police Department.”

It’s time. As a matter of fact it’s long past time. It’s time the Veterans Administration (VA) “Health Care” system ceases to exist. It’s time to disband the system.

It’s time to realize that the VA Medical System is beyond repair, is hopelessly corrupt and utterly unable to fulfill its mission of taking care of our honored Veterans medical needs… no matter who is appointed to run it.

He went to the E.R. and was denied service,” one of the people, who currently works at the hospital, said. “And then he went to his car and shot himself.”

It’s time. It’s time to admit failure. It’s time to admit the bureaucracy has grown too large, too ponderous, too unmanageable, too self-interested, too desensitized, too unresponsive, and too corrupt to ever have a chance of being reformed or redeemed.


It’s time to pull the plug on the VA. I was “treated” in a Veteran’s medical center here in Philadelphia for my hearing loss and Tinnitus when I first got out of the Army. It was a disaster and I never went back. I know first-hand about what I am talking about.

Admit failure and move on

Admitting failure is probably one of the hardest things for us to do especially as Americans. Americans don’t fail. We conquer. We adapt and overcome. We fight on against all odds and always eek out final victory in the end.

That’s our mythos, our psychology our identity. It’s who we are and what we are as a people. We’re not failures, we’re winners. But sometimes…

Politics is in the way

Sometimes politics gets in the way of those hallowed national characteristics. Sometimes greed, incompetence, vanity, arrogance, indifference, and old fashioned callousness creep in.

They creep in and take hold, grow deep roots and like weeds in your garden spread all over until finally it becomes impossible to see where the grass ends and the weeds begin. That’s when you break out the weed killer. It’s time for weed killer.



The VA is in disarray. That fact alone would be an enormous problem except that it’s been this way for GENERATIONS. The Veterans Administration Health Service has been failing our service members for generations:

            “In secret chemical weapons experiments conducted during World War II, the U.S. military exposed thousands of American troops to mustard gas.

When those experiments were formally declassified in the 1990s, the Department of Veterans Affairs made two promises: to locate about 4,000 men who were used in the most extreme tests, and to compensate those who had permanent injuries.

But the VA didn’t uphold those promises, an NPR investigation has found”.

This is a story that began in 1945. The military exposed these sailors to Mustard Gas then never gave them the follow up treatment they needed and deserved, despite promises to do so.

It’s not a new story.

Business as usual?

In fact I say it’s actually business as usual for the corrupt bureaucrats at the Veterans Administration. This is a pattern of failure that’s deeply ingrained at one of our governments biggest, most labyrinthine, ineffective and political bureaucracies.

After this failure, the cycle repeated itself during the 1950’s with military experimentation on service members with psychoactive drugs like LSD right through the Vietnam era.

We all remember the national disgrace of the horrific suffering and treatment our Veterans endured for years at the hands of the VA. This is but one example:

            “Ending years of wait, the government agreed Thursday to provide millions of dollars in disability benefits to as many as 2,100 Air Force reservists and active-duty forces exposed to Agent Orange residue on airplanes used in the Vietnam War.”



Again the story predictably repeated itself again after thousands of Veterans were exposed to chemical weapons during the first Gulf War:

            “After their service in the Gulf War conflict from 1990-1991, hundreds of thousands of our country’s veterans began suffering from multiple and diverse debilitating symptoms including neurological and respiratory disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological problems, skin conditions and gastrointestinal issues.”

Thousands of sick veterans and the typical VA reaction:

Yet for nearly two decades, the official word from the Veterans Administration (VA), the Department of Defense (DoD), and the White House was that Gulf War syndrome did not exist. The result? Countless returning military personnel struggled for years to have their physical illnesses recognized as something other than psychological.

It’s time to admit the failures of the past and do the right thing: end the Veterans Administration health system, sell its hospitals and allow veterans to seek private medical care, reimbursed by the Federal Government. If that sounds like an extreme solution, think again. This is why you will never reform the VA:

Goss says he thinks the VA never delivered on its promises because this issue has been disappearing on its own for years. About 500 World War II veterans die each day, according to data maintained by the VA. “I do think there is a little bit of that attitude of: ‘This is today’s problem, it will be gone by tomorrow.”


There you have it. This one line gives you all the insight you’ll ever need in order to understand why the VA health care system will NEVER, EVER, EVER be fixed.

The bureaucrats are under pressure to keep costs down and by doing so collect fat bonuses. They achieve this by denying care through incompetence, mismanagement, misrepresentation, fraud and when need be outright deceit.

For them, the existence of the VA is necessary for their livelihoods, power and prestige. The treatment and care provided to sick and injured Veterans is simply incidental.

I’m not going to go back and document every single instance of the VA’s epic failures. That’s already been done a hundred times over. It’s time for Vets nationwide to organize and demand an end to the abuse.

I am calling on our national Veterans organizations to come together, to hold a summit for the purpose of putting political pressure on Congress for the sake of disbanding the Veterans Administration health care services once and for all.

It’s time for Vets to show up at town halls and community meetings by the dozen, just like a certain “Social Justice” movement does and make their voices heard.

It’s time… before one more Veteran commits suicide in a parking lot.

Disposable Heroes: A Firefighter Reflects


Recently I read an article by some Canadian “columnist” griping about firefighters. It was the usual litany of how we’re overpaid; we don’t fight fires, sit around the station washing the trucks, sleep, eat and go shopping all the time. As a firefighter I expect and dismiss criticism from tragic figures like the author who are so unhappy with their life’s work they have to denigrate others. What was shocking though is how many others jumped in and not only complained, but outright insulted the very people who swore an oath to not only protect their lives and property, but sacrifice their own if need be in the performance of that duty. It was sad to see people insulting the one group of public servants that routinely stop whatever they’re doing to answer their call for help. Try getting service like that at the DMV. It didn’t take long for the unprovoked insults to start flying- uneducated was one of the kinder things we were called. It seems like they want to start treating firefighters like they already treat police officers. It’s not only sad it’s pathetic.

I could sit here and get angry but I’m not that person anymore. After nearly a quarter century on the streets I gave up on anger. Instead I’ll just outline some of the ups and downs of my career.

I was a young kid when I came into the fire service. Like many I’m a veteran. I served my country when it wasn’t very popular, during the Cold War. Remember that? Remember when the thought of nuclear annihilation was a real thing? I was there on the front lines in Europe, a nervous kid not knowing if and when I may have to re-fight a war that ended generations earlier.

When I got home I competed with 15,000 people for a spot in the next class at fire school. I learned advanced first aid, firefighting strategy and tactics, and an entire list of skills I needed to take me into my new career. Young an idealistic I never thought that at least ten of my classmates would die before retirement. Some would die in the line of duty. Others to suicide a little talked about epidemic in the emergency services. Still others would die from rare and ugly forms of Cancer or Hepatitis- other epidemics we live with. I never gave it a second thought because that’s the price we pay for a “cushy” job right?

Over the years there were injuries, lots of them. Sprains, strains, neck, back; the usual that comes with wearing 80lbs of gear. Luckily nothing too serious like the guy from Engine XX who had to jump for his life from a third floor window after trying to rescue a wheelchair bound senior. He’s out of the job now but hey he’s alive right? Or the woman from the same company who nearly had her hands burned off holding the hose. I was lucky not to be trapped in a flashover that time when another firefighter fell coming down a ladder after searching for some trapped kids. The kids and their grandmother all died leaving many firefighters on scene traumatized to this day.

Of course there were many deaths. Too many. I still see the faces of people I knew personally, lived and ate dinner with… that will never get that fat pension check we all dream about. To most citizens they’re just names in the paper. To us they are crushing stories of lost friends and colleagues, memories we carry with us every day.

Hell for laughs we were cooking breakfast the other day and we all were trying to remember how many of our co-workers died in the last ten years. Turned out the number is ten! Can you imagine that? That’s one a year on average. Oh how we laughed and laughed. Then we all went into the gym and worked out. Good times. Of course there’s nothing like washing the ambulance out right after a gunshot victim bleeds out all over the back of it. Clean vehicles are overrated anyway. We like to keep the station clean for when kids stop by, why should they see the bloody side of this cushy job? We try to tell them things that can save their lives like stop, drop and roll but they’re kids and easily bored. So we give them coloring books to help them remember their visit. Nothing will make a grown man cry like the sight of a burned kid.

We just got new pillows in our station. They’re the same kind they issue the prisoners in the city jails, the mattresses too. Nothing like fiscal discipline I always say. Good to know you may get a few hours down time on a prison mattress over the course of a twenty four hour shift. After all it’s child’s play driving a large emergency truck anywhere in the city on a minutes notice when you’ve been up for twenty hours. Pretty much anyone can do it… in a blizzard, ice storm, flood, heat wave, electrical storm. Funny thing about storms… there always seems to be more room on the roads to get the trucks around to the constant emergency calls. It’s ok though. You only need a couple hours of sleep to coach little league or basketball or Boy Scouts. The kids don’t mind if you are bleary eyed. All they care about is that you’re there since their banker dad is too busy. Like most charities and volunteer work firefighters engage in, good people only care that we show up.

When I worked near family court I used to catch up with my old colleagues I lost track of over the years. I would see them going to and from their divorce hearings. The ones who smiled got custody of their kids. You know things like shift work, overtime, stress, low pay can put a strain on the best of marriages. Lots of my friends have battled substance abuse because of the job. Some never beat their addictions. How many dead friends does it take to fuck you up for life? Does it matter if it’s an elderly person dead in their bed or a little kid ejected from a car wreck or your ambulance partner for ten years who committed suicide? I never could get a straight answer for that one. Soldiers have it lucky. They may be in combat for a year maybe two. The average firefighter or paramedic will spend thirty years on the street. That’s a lot of trauma. Soldiers have beds and pillows too. I was a soldier once.

I guess you can criticize firefighters for being dumb. True I earned my master’s degree a little later in life than most. Blame that on my life choices. My four years of military service only earned me an honorable discharge. I guess I could frame that. It’s at least equal to four years of partying at any state college. I mean spending four years studying “Social Justice” is on par with four years of national defense right? And then there was time off to help raise the kids… when I wasn’t working overtime. School just wasn’t that important. The blame is all mine.

It’s easy to criticize firefighters for having less than valuable skills. Who needs an encyclopedic knowledge of every street, building, every fire hydrant, address, hospital, school, chemical plant, power plant, water main, electric sub-station, nursing home, day care center in a grid square on a map? Who cares about operating hydraulic rescue tools or how to dismantle a car in under 5 minutes? Or passing the Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic test? I mean climbing onto the roof of a burning building or into a raging basement is so simple anyone could really do it. I mean anyone can re-start your mother’s stopped heart right? Maybe the next time you see a group of firefighters shopping for supplies for the day or week you’ll cut them some slack. There are times they don’t make it too the register without a call. They are eating together to save money. Hell it may be their last meal some shift.

In the end we will always do our best. As in the case of Hurricane Floyd, or the recent AMTRAC disaster, or something “smaller” like cutting a high school girl out of a car that was wrapped around a pole on the way home from prom while he dead date bled out all over her. We’ll try to save your house with all your irreplaceable worldly possessions before it burns to the ground. Because this world still needs hero’s and firefighters are it. If your city or town is broke it isn’t because of overfunded emergency services I’ll bet. If you’re complaining about your local fire department maybe you should examine your own motives and attitudes or better yet- sign up or volunteer.

I guess this “columnist” was right. We should cut back on the emergency services. I wonder what her next column would be like after we responded to HER call for help. I’m sure we would hear all about it if we were too slow…



Here on the East Coast, in the ‘Land Between the Two Rivers,’ as Philadelphia is affectionately known, corruption convictions of Democrat politicians fall like rain in a summer thunderstorm. Pennsylvania has had one official after another convicted of corruption- one of the latest is ex-Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Corruption, Perjury

Recently, the once mighty and powerful US Rep. Chaka Fattah, Philadelphia’s version of New York’s Charles Rangel, was convicted of federal corruption charges:

Washington (CNN) “Pennsylvania Rep. Chaka Fattah was convicted on federal corruption charges Tuesday. The 59-year-old Democrat, who represents West Philadelphia, was found guilty on all 23 charges he faced, which included racketeering, money laundering and fraud.”

(West Philadelphia was a recent Hillary Clinton campaign stop)

Yes, big Chaka went down, but not before his son “Little Chaka” Chip Fattah was also convicted on fraud related charges for bilking creditors, investors and the School District of Philadelphia where he was a consultant:

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Chaka “Chip” Fattah Jr. was convicted Thursday on bank- and tax-fraud charges, a significant setback in his family’s ongoing legal fight with federal authorities.”

Pennsylvania’s Convicted Felon, Ex- Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

As typical as these stories are of big city Democrat corruption, they look small when you consider the case of our now convicted felon, former PA Attorney General, and Hillary Clinton supporter Kathleen Kane:

The Kane Caper -Liberal Derangement Syndrome

HARRISBURG – “Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane, who was convicted Monday of perjury and other crimes, will resign Wednesday, her once-promising career in state politics felled by a fixation on seeking revenge against enemies that led her to break the law.”

The Kane case has been unfolding like a slow motion train wreck almost since the moment Kane took office.

Driven by typical lust for revenge and a healthy dose of liberal derangement syndrome, the once up and coming Democrat politician was convicted of leaking secret Grand Jury testimony to get back at perceived political enemies, then lying about it.

Any of this sound familiar? As the case unfolded, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspended her law license, a prerequisite for doing the job tax payers elected her to do.

Still with the writing on the wall, Kane arrogantly refused to resign and save everyone involved the embarrassment, time and cost of a trial few thought she had a snowballs chance in Hell of winning.

Kane-Clinton-300x213When a picture is worth a thousand words…

The Clinton – Kane “connection”-Paranoia and deflection.

Kane concocted a defense that consisted of more paranoia and deflection. She asserted she was being attacked by the ‘good old boys” (we know what that’s code for) because she discovered pornographic E-MAIL on state computers.

Seriously- more Democrat e-mail scandals, you can’t make this up.

While a few people resigned over inappropriate use of state computers related to the e-mails, the court refused to allow her to use that as a defense for leaking secret testimony and lying to investigators about it.

Convicted Anyway

She was quickly convicted and this week has finally resigned in utter disgrace after being convicted on all counts ending our excruciating, collective political/legal nightmare.

Make no mistake, Kane was an incompetent, partisan hack. One of her more famous botched cases involved multiple Philadelphia politicians involved in corruption. Kane refused to bring charges citing racism, because the politicians in question were black:

“The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office ran an undercover sting operation over three years that captured leading Philadelphia Democrats, including four members of the city’s state House delegation, on tape accepting money, The Inquirer has learned. Yet no one was charged with a crime.

Prosecutors began the sting in 2010 when Republican Tom Corbett was attorney general. After Democrat Kathleen G. Kane took office in 2013, she shut it down. In a statement to The Inquirer on Friday, Kane called the investigation poorly conceived, badly managed, and tainted by racism, saying it had targeted African Americans.”

Deeper and Deeper

However Philadelphia’s own District Attorney, Seth Williams railed against Kane’s blatantly political decision and took up the cases on his own. Did I mention Seth Williams is African American? It gets better:

PHILADELPHIA — “Announcing new charges in a political corruption case that Attorney General Kathleen Kane dismissed as racist and unwinnable, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said a grand jury found no support for her claim that investigator’s targeted black lawmakers”.

chris2Philadelphia’s District Attorney: Seth Williams.

Williams blasted Kane in a news conference Tuesday, in which he detailed charges that Philadelphia state Reps. Ronald Waters and Vanessa L. Brown took thousands of dollars in bribes from a secret informant posing as a lobbyist.

The charges of conspiracy, bribery and conflict of interest against the Philadelphia Democrats are the second set to arise from the case originally investigated by the attorney general’s office and abandoned by Kane after she took office in 2013.”

The Depths of Corruption- Where’s the Bottom?

But just as the Kane case is finally wrapping up, others may be emerging on the horizon. The first involves Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams himself. It seems like Seth likes to accept gifts and not report them.

PHILADELPHIA: “For almost six years, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams concealed a mounting heap of booty that included free home improvements, lavish vacations, cash, and passes to Eagles, Phillies, and 76’ers games. There is no doubt that he knew better.

When former Attorney General Kathleen Kane killed an investigation of several Philadelphia Democrats who accepted unreported gifts from an undercover informant, Williams successfully prosecuted them for acts similar to what he now blithely dismisses as accepting “gifts” from his ‘friends.’”

Williams raked in far more than the nearly $9,000 in gifts that the politicians he prosecuted accepted. Home repairs provided by a New Jersey builder; trips to Key West, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Punta Cana; an iPad; a couch; and other gifts that William’s received totaled more than $160,000.

Even Philadelphia’s Mayor

michael_nutterMix-Master Mike…

The second and potentially more combustible is against Philadelphia’s recently replaced Mayor Michael Nutter. Once again, the charges involve inappropriate use of funds; these involve Mayor Nutter’s lavish travel and expense accounts.

The frugal Mayor who liked to close fire companies in the name of fiscal discipline also had a taste for the good life… on other people’s dime. Maybe he should look up Chip “Little Chaka” Fatah. Finally we have our very own version of a small time Clinton style slush fund:

PHILADELPHIA: “A review by the City Controller’s Office found that more than $380,000 in revenue from the Philadelphia Marathon was used as a “slush fund” for grants not approved by the board, trips to Italy for then mayor Michael Nutter and his staff, as well as an event that included an open bar last year.

The report notes 20 line items of grants and expenses from the Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia that went unchecked by the fund’s board of directors. The Fund is responsible for overseeing revenues and expenditures from the race.”

The Union Connection

Last but not least, authorities raided the offices of a very powerful Electricians union President as well as a local city councilman:

PHILADELPHIA NBC 10: “Federal agents conducted raids Friday across Philadelphia and New Jersey, pulling truckloads of documents and computers from locations that included two row houses, a pub, a union hall and the political offices of a City Councilman. A common link for all the search sites became clear immediately: the city’s most influential labor union, IBEW Local 98, and its powerful leader known by the moniker Johnny Doc.”

Anyone who knows anything about Philadelphia politics knows that the Electricians Union under John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty is the most powerful labor force in the region.We previously reported on the raid.

clinton-doughertyPhiladelphia Electricians Union Boss John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty with guess who…

Councilman Henon is intimately connected to the Union:

Prior to serving on City Council, Bobby Henon worked as an electrician after completing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 college-accredited apprenticeship program. He worked his way up through the union, eventually becoming Local 98’s Political Director, a position which allowed him to help draft and lobby for legislation at every level of government on behalf of his fellow members.

PA Supreme Court Guarantees the Continuance of the Problem.

Dougherty’s brother was recently elected to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court further cementing the influence of the union. This could get ugly.

The pattern here is clear for anyone who wants to see it: corrupt Democrat politicians up and down the line using slush funds as their personal expense accounts.

Other elected officials lying, committing all manner of fraud and breeches of the public trust. They will even use charges of *gasp* RACISM against each other if they think they can gain an advantage. This corruption is endemic, cancerous and pervasive throughout our government and not just at the local or state levels.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia isn’t an exception; it’s more of the norm. It’s time for us to think long and hard about who we elect going forward. It’s time to take back our country.



Milo Yiannpolous isn’t exactly a name that rolls off the tongue very easily, but it’s a name that has become synonymous with the raging American culture war. The 32 year old Greek-British writer is the technology editor for – the conservative website founded by the late Andrew Breitbart.

Smart, able to analyze, articulate

Milo is handsome, smart, keenly adept at analyzing today’s volatile  politics, articulate particularly in the way Americans love to hear Brits speak, wickedly sarcastic, provocative, conservative, fearless and as he likes to point out… openly, proudly and flamboyantly gay.

He’s also a legitimate rock star of the political right thanks to the world-wide interweb… and recently banned for LIFE from Twitter!

To the casual observer of American politics none of this makes any sense. However to those of us on the right, those of us who understand and really get what it means to be conservative, it makes perfect sense.

The left’s hold on college campuses

For far too long, conservatives and the political right in general have suffered from extremely poor messaging especially among younger, college age voters. Conservatism just can’t be sold on college campuses no matter how it’s packaged, so tight is the left’s hold on institutions of higher learning.

The legacy media long under the near direct control of the political left (as WikiLeaks latest email dump has made absolutely clear) has branded anything right of center as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, uneducated etc. etc. etc. In the past, any topic brought up by a conservative was immediately labeled accordingly and discredited.

Proof of the left’s control

No matter how correct the speaker was, no matter how rock solid the facts, the message couldn’t get through because of the censorship of those trusted to stay neutral. When by chance the occasional story unfavorable to the left did start gaining traction, the main stream media would just flat out lie about it. Other times they intervened directly. For example: To:,  Date: 2016-05-20 12:19 Subject: RE: Getting on same page

Luis and April, hope you’re both doing well. I think the best reporter to give the news to ahead of time is Greg Sargent at the Washington Post. But, the specific reporter is not as important as getting it to an outlet before the news breaks so we can help control the narrative on the front end. Otherwise this may likely get spun in a not-so-helpful way. We should also get Rep. Cummings on the phone with that reporter.

Thanks again, Mark

Mark Paustenbach National Press Secretary & Deputy Communications Director Democratic National Committee W: 202.863.8148<

From: Miranda, Luis Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 10:02 AM To: April Mellody; Paustenbach, Mark Subject: Getting on same page

April, we need the written out roll out plan, and we need to see if we can place a story FIRST rather than just dropping a press release to make sure the first story out of the gate is as helpful as possible. Even if it’s for today. Please loop us both in. thanks.

MSM’s incestuous relationship with the Dems

As these WikiLeaks e-mails from DNC staffers expose, the MSM has an incestuous relationship with the Democrat party at the molecular level. In this environment most conservative politicians became conditioned to not even engage in dialogue about things such as race, crime, social engineering or much of anything of value or substance to conservatives, so fearful they were of being branded as racist. This gave the left near total control of media messaging for years.

Enter Donald Trump

Derisively scorned as a vulgarian without a chance in Hell to win nary a state let alone the Republican nomination, “the Donald” eviscerated the entire Republican field.

From the outset Trump must have sensed his straight talking, stream of consciousness, direct from the hip language wouldn’t endear him to the left. Almost immediately he was labeled a sexist pig, a racist and homophobe. The left’s usual tactics were immediate and withering.

Even some Republicans used to the old playbook shuddered and called for Trump to be more tolerant forgetting that Mitt Romney received exactly the same treatment. It was all so politically correct and formulaic.

He began to win

Then a funny thing happened. Trump began to win. His Trump train gathered speed. While the Jeb Bushes, Marco Rubio’s and other RINO’s were trounced one by one, Donald charged on. The left’s media lackey’s tried their best to destroy him and if it were any other candidate like Mitt Romney- they would have. Their white guilt would have crippled their ability to keep battering the line until the eventual breakthrough.



The former impenetrable wall of political correctness that’s crippled a generation of conservative politicians began to crumble. Simultaneously as Donald Trump was demolishing Republican politicians, Milo Yiannapolous was demolishing college campuses.

Using his sexual orientation as both a shield and provocation against the intolerant left, Milo infiltrated the Twitterverse and consciousness of college kids across the world. Thanks to the internet his exploits confronting hate speech in the very places where hate speech is punishable by death went viral. Those of us on the right stood up and cheered.

The Conventional narrative is WRONG

For conservatives it isn’t about Milo being gay, unlike those leftist, idiot college kids who run him off campus or the fascists at Twitter who banned him. The same applies to other minorities like African Americans and Latinos.

Sure, the conventional narrative may be that the right ‘hates minorities.’ But the conventional narrative iswrong, always has been. The truth is real: conservatives embrace anyone who stands for conservative values and principles be they gay, straight, black, white, male, female or any other demographic.

What’s interesting about Trump is the message that he has against political correctness, which has been such a cancer infecting the political left, should be a message that homosexuals are receptive to… after all the best thing about gay culture is the dissidence, the subversion the mischief, and when you couple that with what happened in Orlando recently and the left’s total failure to stick up for gay people and instead its insistence on pandering to radical Islam, you see quite obviously why gay people, who I think are natural libertarians, are graduating towards Trump.” Milo Yiannapolous

Are there differences in some areas? Of course. But do these differences elevate into hate? Not for Christians and conservatives in general. Christians don’t saw people’s heads off or blow up buses or stab people in cafés.

Articulating Conservatism

The right’s embrace of people like Milo, Sheriff David Clarke, or many other people of color is living proof that conservatism is a philosophy of inclusion and hope. Conservative minorities like Milo are today’s rock stars further proving the policies of the left orchestrated by people like Barack Obama are toxic and regressive.

While the left sews discord and hate, it’s the right embracing real diversity, the kind of diversity that doesn’t censor free speech or resort to violence or intrigue to stop a message they don’t like.

A new generation

I hope going forward Milo keeps in mind that he is the best thing to happen to conservatism in many years. He breaks the mold and displaces many false narratives.

He’s brought the message of conservatism to a new generation in a way my generation failed to. His gayness isn’t important anymore. This generation doesn’t care about that. His ability to reach out and engage people on principle is a great strength.

For those who struggle with this message just remember this- we are not redefining conservatism… we’re articulating it.



Paris- the Bataclan tortures

As news of the most recent Islamic, terrorist atrocity (the attack on France’s Bastille Day celebrations) broke this week, grizzly details of a previous attack began to come to light.

Those details, horrific in every sense of the word, were suppressed not only by the French government, but the French media as well. The details in question outline the systematic torture of victims trapped in the Bataclan concert hall the night Islamic terrorists attacked, killing 89 people. Only now are the gruesome details coming to light:

According to this testimony, Wahhabist killers reportedly gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were reportedly stabbed in the genitals – and the torture was, victims told police, filmed for Daesh or Islamic State propaganda. For that reason, medics did not release the bodies of torture victims to the families, investigators said.

Inexcusable suppression of truth

The suppression of these details is inexcusable for any media outlet that has knowledge of such information. Details about government torture of terrorists for example, was never suppressed as the Abu Ghraib story taught us.

During the Bush administration media outlets worldwide couldn’t report on CIA water boarding or rendition programs fast enough. We were bombarded relentlessly with coverage of the “war crimes” of the Bush administration and demands for prosecution of Donald Rumsfeld for example.

Sympathy for the left’s agenda

Clearly the media understands their power to shape a story and manipulate public opinion. Why then would they want to suppress details that previously were the cornerstone of their extensive and ongoing reporting?

The simple answer is they sympathize with the left wing agenda. That agenda largely and ignorantly faults the western world with antagonizing Islamic terrorists from an otherwise “peaceful religion.”

Why else would the media suppress details of atrocities like what went on at the Bataclan? Why would they not report on the details of Islamic depravity, torture and relate the heart wrenching and harrowing eyewitness testimony of survivors?

I pulled my girlfriend underneath me and I lay on top of her,” Mr O’Connor said. “There was someone on the bottom of my legs, there was someone lying on top of my girlfriend’s head – it was a real squash. There were people who were unconscious or terribly injured – I think they were dead.” Mr O’Connor feared the worst. “I told my girlfriend that I loved her – what else can you do in that situation?”

Manipulating the coverage

The reason is media outlets know that if they report the details of what Islamic terrorists do to their victims truthfully, any sympathy or cover the media tries to provide for them, any deflection like President Obama routinely provides by blaming firearms for example, immediately evaporates in pools of dismembered corpses.

When reporters manipulate their coverage by omission of relevant but inflammatory facts, they fail to inform the public of the truth of what these terrorists are really all about.

Torture of innocents

It’s one thing for terrorists to shoot people or set off bombs, but systematic torture of defenseless people is intensely personal and would enrage the population. That population may then turn on its elected leadership for their failure to provide security and failing to deal with these maniacs.

Truthful reporting on the torture of innocent victims deserves more attention than “enhanced interrogation” of terrorists. Suppression of the truth destroys the credibility of media and government alike.

But if your agenda is to provide cover for Islamic terrorists it all adds up.