Numbers… Matter.



This crowd appears to be the cause of a “State of Emergency”.


So has anyone heard an official head count on this “massive” Klan rally yesterday? The MSM is always prepared with numbers and statistics when it fits or reinforces their narratives. Somehow they haven’t put forth any numbers (to my knowledge) of “white supremacists” in attendance. Given these idiots usually turn out 40-50 people (testifying to their lack of broad based support) I’m shocked we haven’t been hammered with those numbers. Is it as I suspect because there was only a dump truck’s worth of “right wing nationalists” as opposed to hundreds and hundreds of ANTIFA there? Anyone?

“In May, a torch-wielding group that included prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer gathered around the statue for a nighttime protest, and in July, about 50 members of a North Carolina-based KKK group traveled there for a rally, where they were met by hundreds of counter-protesters.”



Truth To Power…


It’s disturbing to see how the left has been able to mainstream so many vile things: pedophilia, illegal immigration, illicit drug use, hatred of the police, racism, stupidity, and on and on. Their latest accomplishment was on full display today in the form of political violence. The left’s loss at the ballot box has morphed into full blown political violence typified by leftist entertainers like Chelsae Handler openly calling for a coup against President Trump. We are a free, open and tolerant society but every society eventually reaches its breaking point. Nothing helps reach that point faster than open violence and lawlessness. The left better heed the lessons of history because it won’t end well for them if they don’t.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Lord of the (Butter)Fly’s


This article is incredibly thought provoking in light of the recent GOOGLE memo fiasco. Discuss.

“There’s a persistent trope in science fiction and fantasy about a society consisting solely of women.”

“Female social structure is completely different from male social structure. Men tend to organize in a hierarchy of sorts. There’s one guy at the top, a few guys he trusts underneath him, etc. downward until you reach the guys that are on the bottom of the pile. ”

“Female social structure is more fluid. It’s based more on group identity than on individual characteristics. You tend to have one woman who is kind of in charge, your queen bee as it were. Those in her favor circle around her, and the circles continue outward until you have the women who are not part of the group. ”

In a world constantly clamoring for female advancement, it’s time to actually discuss what that would entail. In any event, don’t discuss it if you work for GOOGLE or any other company that values fake social justice over real social progress.



Like most in the Philly region, I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent murders of four young men by a crazed drug dealer (I’m not going to use his name, may he rot in Hell). I’m also not going into the details of this horrific crime, you can click the link to read all about this shocking crime. Safe to say it’s one of the worst crimes I’ve ever seen in my 50 years of living in Philly and that says a lot. Philly is a pretty violent big city sometimes. This drama played out over the course of the last week. All of us have been hanging on every detail, scouring social media, waiting for the next press conference and watching morbid footage via the internet of investigators digging up a local farm in search of the victims. It’s ghastly, haunting. At the height of the drama, something unusual happened: The prime suspect confessed because the District Attorney offered him a deal that took the death penalty off the table. And like that everything changed.

Up to that point, this case was following the script- the breathless media accounts from the crime scene, the stoic press conferences, the endless speculation on local talk radio, the internet gossip, the police activity at various locations around the region, it was all bizarrely routine for a high-profile murder case. And then it all changed with the confession. Suddenly all the facts came out. The motive, the time line, the accomplice, the play by play account of a pair of stone cold killers murdering four young men for essentially no reason. None of it made any sense and it never will. But the confession changed everything.

Suddenly the main suspect was nonchalantly led away in handcuffs and a red prison jumpsuit looking as if his day was going as planned. Not a whiff of suffering, no remorse, no apparent inconvenience. The guards even took their time escorting him seeing he was wearing leg shackles. He didn’t LOOK like someone who at twenty years old was going off to spend the rest of his life in prison. Utterly anti-climatic. For those of us who were really disturbed by this case, it doesn’t compute. It’s tough to wrap our heads around this scenario. We all want closure, but we just weren’t ready for this. That’s part of our problem- we’re so civilized.

Our system of justice demands impassionate adherence to the rules and processes that are in place to protect all our rights and that usually takes time, often years. That demands painstaking, methodical and determined perseverance. It means detailed evidence collection and detailed statements. It means precise forensics and it means all of that will be challenged by the defense. Yes, we are so civilized we allow the accused to defend themselves even in the face of overwhelming facts. Without this confession, we wouldn’t be looking at a trial date within the next year. They may not have found all of the victims. Sometimes being so damn civilized really sucks.

I’d like nothing more than to take these two animals to the town square, tie them to cars and publicly rip them to pieces. But the District Attorney had a tough call to make- the authorities knew the victims were dead. The time and toll the investigation takes on everyone (law enforcement, families, friends, and public) the uncertainty of not knowing the details and the potential for the trail of evidence to get cold, lost or compromised the longer the process drags out, means time is against you. You must build a case that will get a conviction.

It’s also critical to return the victims to their families ASAP, they need closure from this nightmare if that will ever be possible. Making a deal that will put the accused in jail for life (the accomplice may still be vulnerable to the death penalty) is really locking down what will most likely happen to them anyway since Pennsylvania is so opposed to carrying out death sentences even for depraved maniacs like the two accused here.

This deal also gains information, the weapons, the entire story, the accomplice and motive all necessary for a conviction. This is now an open and shut case, without putting everyone through a lengthy and painful trial and accompanying media circus with an outcome that would have been essentially the same. There’s a real possibility the defense may have invoked an insanity defense and there is a lot of credence to the theory that it may have worked. The accused main suspect, in my opinion, is clearly a psychopath with previously documented mental health issues. That may or may not have been enough to somehow defer or lessen his penalty. You never know what a jury will decide even in a case like this.

This plea essentially begins the end of the case. In little more than a week these young men had their lives snuffed out. Those responsible were apprehended, confessed to their crimes and their penalty decided with the stroke of a pen. It’s all too neat and bewildering. We are just so civilized.

After a lot of consideration though, I’m not sure the DA couldn’t have overcome most of this. I’m pretty sure that fat bastard would have cracked sooner or later. It may have taken some time but he would have talked, him or his punk accomplice. The facts are so shocking a jury would have most likely convicted these animals and been home for lunch. The real consideration is the amount of pain the families would have had to endure. Maureen Faulkner’s pain immediately comes to mind. Had this case gone to trial they would have been subjected to endless court proceedings, relentless media stories, anniversary special reports and in twenty years a bunch of liberals making these killers grotesque, faux celebrities claiming they were really framed.

It’s a sad, sick situation and I thank God, I’m not the guy who had to make that call. I won’t criticize this decision. Not today. Not from where I sit. So, justice will be swift in this case. The killers will remain in jail where they already are, removed from society. We will never see them free again. The young men will be buried by their families who will forever struggle with the senselessness of this nightmare, like some sort of bad dream they can’t wake up from.

And the next time I see an internet video of some third world village lynching a killer or child molester I’ll think twice before casting aspersions on them. I’ll just tell myself we are so damned civilized…



          The fact of the matter is this: Free market capitalism combined with representative democracy has created the United States as we know it. This country has become without argument the greatest nation in human history as defined in ANY category. Our advances in every area- medicine, art, science, politics, technology, education, law, humanity and so on, have eclipsed every nation that has come before us. And we’ve done it in the shortest amount of time. Our Founding Fathers just a little over two hundred years ago unleashed the forces of human potential in ways that have transformed not only our country but the world. In that insignificantly short amount of time, we’ve gone from the Wright brothers learning to fly, to putting a man on the Moon. We’ve split the atom, fed the world, defeated the forces of evil, gave birth to the Internet and established the concepts of freedom and liberty around the Globe.

       Even the glory of ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece pale in comparison when the sheer enormity of what America has accomplished is brought into perspective. Their societies took thousands of years to mature and thrive. America has become so integral to the human condition, so pervasive in our thinking that if it suddenly was to disappear like Atlantis, if America fell into the sea and was no more, the survivors would immediately set out to re-establish it from scratch. America has become more than a place. It’s an idea that will never be removed from humanity. As long as there’s one person left on Earth who dreams of freedom and the ability to strive unencumbered by artificial political or social restrictions, to be what they choose to be, to believe what they want to believe, to decide for themselves what is best for their life, to do with the products of their labor what they choose to do… then America will continue to exist. It is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism that propels people to the highest ranks of human achievement. No one is trying to re-create ancient Egypt. It’s democracy, free market capitalism, and America.



From the racist Republican file: As soon as the United States elected its first half black President, Barack Obama (not Bill Clinton) liberals have used racism to characterize any and all opposition to his catastrophic socialist policies. For example:

If you opposed Obamacare- you’re a racist.

If you oppose giving the terrorist state of Iran billions of dollars and a path to nuclear weapons- you’re a racist.

If you oppose no name, unelected, government bureaucrats controlling every aspect of your life from the school lunches your kids eat to where you can or can’t graze your cattle- you’re a racist.

If you oppose allowing millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and all points south or millions of Islamic “refugees” to freely flow into our country without the slightest vetting or regulation… well you guessed it by now- you’re a racist!

Any and all legitimate opposition from day one was and still is characterized as racist despite the millions of white Americans who voted to put Obama in the White House TWICE! You almost have to pity the left as this is such an ingrained part of their playbook they do it reflexively at this point. They can’t help themselves because to not play the race card forces them to consider the legitimate criticism that EVERY President gets. It’s sobering that the left cries out so strenuously for “equality” and “diversity” at the same time they caustically decry the most normalizing elements of our society, criticism of one’s point of view for example, that show we have truly moved past RACISM.

To criticize President Obama for HIS POLICIES makes him the most normal among us. It shows that his critics actually listened to his point of view, considered his policies and reacted to them, not his skin color. The left can’t reconcile this because Obama’s policies and programs from Obamacare to the Iran nuclear deal have proved to be outright catastrophes for America. Therefore they must use the race card as often as possible to try to render legitimate, political criticism inherently racist as often as possible. They have created a narrative that Congress only opposes Obama because he’s black. That’s just fodder for the intellectually deficient. By shielding Obama from legitimate criticism, they inadvertently diminish his stature as a leader.

That brings us to Sheriff David Clark. Sheriff Clark like Colonel Alan West is among the most prominent and influential black conservatives around today. In ever increasing numbers black Americans are finding their way to the Conservative movement because of the likes of these great men. Conservatives heartily accept and embrace these great Americans because of their views not the color of their skin, thus destroying the MSM narrative of white, Conservative / Republican racism.

However in the racist halls of the MSM the monolithic liberal view of events still reigns supreme. In this interview Sheriff Clark tears into CNN’s Don Lemon with a blistering vengeance so strong, Lemon retreats to a commercial rather than deal with the substance of Sheriff Clark’s point of view. Lemon deflects and stammers when the Sheriff takes him down paths he’d rather not go for obvious reasons. Sheriff Clark stands up for American law enforcement while Lemon stands up for the racist, hateful, terroristic, Black Lives Matter movement. It’s simply too much for Lemon to take. If Don Lemon was a real journalist, if he understood the depth of the material or scope of events like Sheriff Clark does he would have stood his ground and debated on substance. But a man without facts, character, or integrity will always retreat in the face of confrontation. Lemon’s job is to push a narrative not deal with facts. That’s why when the Sheriff shows up… the guilty flee.



This is how the left responds to thought or speech they don’t agree with. This poorly constructed, grotesque and profane tirade was posted in response to a well thought out, articulate, respectful statement, delivered in the proper context and forum at one of our most esteemed institutions of higher learning. This profanity laced invective unleashed against a student speaker at the University of Pennsylvania (University Council Meeting) reflects poorly not only on the individual who wrote it but on the broad spectrum of  left wing ideology it represents. What’s more, this ideology infects today’s American college campuses and is actively oppressing students, guest speakers and anyone else who dares hold opposing views .

Unfortunately this is part and parcel of the intimidation and harassment (both verbal and physical) conservative students face almost daily. What’s more this retaliation is tacitly condoned by university officials by virtue of the fact that a clear and forceful message, condemning this type of political oppression on campus has not been articulated by the administration in the form of a written policy. Nor have steps been taken to provide safe spaces for students holding diverse opinions to express them. Today it’s all too common for speaking engagements to be cancelled of otherwise disrupted because the speakers or topics run afoul of the dominant leftist orthodoxy. For all the left’s whining about diversity, there is none when it comes to political thought especially at the one place it should be most cherished- college . College campuses are among the most politically repressive places in the world any more. This was the central theme expressed so well in the statement to the University Council.

The original statement was delivered by Michael Moroz, representing the College Republicans. Michael is an extremely intelligent, passionate young man from a modest background. Michael was raised in a good home, instilled with good morals, decency and virtue. His mother escaped the horrors of Communism and oppression and emigrated to America where her son faces a new kind of oppression: the intolerance, oppression and hatred of the political left. This isn’t the first time Michael has faced this kind of backlash for simply speaking his mind. He endured threats, harassment and intimidation in Philadelphia’s Central High School as well for daring to express an opinion contrary to the left wing dogma that today seems to infect institutions of learning at every level.

There’s an upside to this story however. It’s this- despite this being a generation of self absorbed, spoiled, whiny, listless, everybody get’s a trophy, unhinged cry babies there are young men like Michael Moroz out there. Future leaders with the courage to stand up, be respectful, be intelligent and mature and say what they believe DESPITE knowing they will suffer bitter resentment, be ostracized, be threatened, harassed and intimidated. That’s true courage and character and it comes from the belief in the justness of one’s convictions. Hat’s off to Michael Moroz, a giant among the irrelevant.



Funny thing – 700 murders a year in Chicago under Obama. He did nothing about it even though it was his adopted home town. 700 minority lives gone. In the first week of Trumps administration he’s already put the Chicago administration of (Rahm Emmanuel the Obama / Clinton crony) on notice: If they can’t / won’t stop the killing he will. Trump will send in the Justice Department to stop the killing of HUNDREDS of minorities a year, saving thousands of families eternal grief and breaking the cycle of violence.Obama never used the Justice Department like that. Pretty uncharacteristic thing to do for a racist. You would think if Trump was a racist he could just do what Obama did… nothing and sit back and gleefully ignore the killing of minorities.

You know who else stopped the killing of minorities? Rudy Giuliani that’s who. NYC was unlivable for over two decades until Giuliani restored law and order. Now we don’t have nearly the numbers of dead minorities or other citizens in the Big Apple although under DeBlasio New York is starting to teeter. Imagine that. The left is having a complete psychotic episode because they didn’t get their way much like a spoiled child has a tantrum and acts out when told no. It’s pathetic but at the end of the day those families who are able to resume a normal life without fear of being murdered in their own neighborhood will thank him. But hey keep wearing your stupid pussy hats while the adults clean up Obama’s mess.