When asked what’s best in life, Conan the Barbarian famously stated “Crush thy enemies, watch them driven before you, and the lamentations of their women”. Conan didn’t mess around. He should have run for Congress.

I remember a discussion one day in school about war and the effect it has on humanity. The point is often made that war never solves anything. That’s not necessarily true. One would have to go back to the beginning of human conflict and document the outcome of each and every war and what started it. Then you may know on balance if wars actually settled anything. It’s pretty clear for example that World War II put an end to the Nazi regime as well as Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy. The Allied victory saved millions of lives and ushered in nearly a century of prosperity. Case closed. That doesn’t mean anyone likes war. We don’t, it’s abhorrent. But sometimes you have no choice.

Take the case of the proverbial schoolyard bully. He trolls the yard every day beating the weak and preying on the vulnerable. He’ll continue to do so until stopped. There’s one person in that yard the bully never confronts though. The big kid in the corner. Yet the big kid stands by every day and does nothing as the bully terrorizes and intimidates everyone in the yard, not wanting to get involved unsure of his personal convictions. Occasionally the bully even talks shit to the big kid until one day he goes too far.

It’s in that moment the purpose of war becomes clear. Seeing the bully go too far the big kid decides to act but must confront reality- to try and put an end to the bully’s aggression and restore peace to the yard or standby intimidated. To stand up means potential violence in which he may be injured and suffer. It also means he has the chance to face the bully down and win. To do nothing means allowing the injustice to continue. Yet the mere threat of standing up is enough to give the bully pause.

The bully ALSO faces a dilemma. As he’s suddenly confronted he realizes he’s gone too far and has raised the ire of the one person in the yard capable of putting an end to his reign of terror. He now must decide to take on the big kid or flee. If he takes on the big kid he also runs the risk of being vanquished and humiliated. He also has the OPPORTUNITY to cement himself as permanent ruler of the yard. His only hope of avoiding the confrontation is to flee but doing so is equal to a lost confrontation. The outcome of this war WILL settle something- who rules the yard. The benevolent big kid in the corner or the tyrannical bully.

Maybe the Republicans will finally take this lesson to heart when they look back at the psycho-circus that was the Kavanaugh hearings. For once they stood up to the left after they finally went too far in trying to destroy an innocent American. Taking a page from President Trump’s playbook, they stood their ground and didn’t fold despite the political dangers and the risk of being injured and God almighty it was glorious. To see Lindsey Graham so fired up he looked like Try Gowdy for a second, was magical. Even the stoic Chuck Grassley was taking the Democrats to task for their reprehensible conduct.  Seating Justice Kavanaugh will see their most bitter opponents vanquished and they will reap the rewards in the upcoming elections. It may not be a permanent peace but it’ll make their foes think twice the next time they think about trying to bully them. It’s about time.



Thinking about some American history today, specifically the beginning of the American Revolution. This scene from Blackhawk Down is eerily similar to the battles of Lexington and Concord over two hundred years ago. Instead of British Red Coats, American soldiers are thrust into the role of fighting the local militia with very similar results. While the American Rangers surely dished out more punishment than the Somali’s did, the end of the battle was a political defeat for the United States just like the American Revolution was ultimately a defeat for the British Empire. This battle also demonstrates the power an armed population that’s willing to fight and die for their beliefs, can bring to bear against a modern fighting force.

The story of the battles of Lexington and Concord are fundamental to the way we view ourselves as Americans. The legend of “the shot heard round the world” was even enshrined in the beloved kids series “Schoolhouse Rock”. It also illustrates an important lesson about gun control and our Second Amendment. Elements of the British Army who were occupying the colonies at the time were sent to the towns of Lexington and Concord with a twofold mission- first to capture Patriot leaders John Adams and John Hancock who were rumored to be in the vicinity. Second, they were to seize and destroy colonist’s arms and gunpowder stored in the armory in Concord. Fortunately, the Americans were tipped off beforehand by the local Patriot intelligence network and had moved or destroyed much of the arms cache and supplies.

When the British soldiers arrived in Lexington, confusion, and skirmishing resulted in a full-blown running battle between the British soldiers (the Regulars) as they were known and the colonial militia including multiple companies of Minutemen. The result was a lopsided British rout at the hands of the militia. Hundreds of the Kings troops were killed in the fighting against less than one hundred militia lost. A high priority of the raid for the British were the colonist’s cannons hidden in local fields along with powder and shot. What the colonist didn’t move was destroyed by the soldiers:

“Using the detailed information provided by Loyalist spies, the grenadier companies searched the small town for military supplies. When the grenadiers arrived at Wright’s Tavern, they found the door barred shut, and the tavernkeeper refused entry. According to reports provided by local Tories, Pitcairn knew cannon had been buried on the property. Holding the tavern keeper at gunpoint, he ordered him to show him where the cannon was buried. The grenadiers burned some gun carriages found in the village meetinghouse, and when the fire spread to the meetinghouse itself, the soldiers and residents joined forces in a bucket brigade to save the building. Nearly a hundred barrels of flour and salted food, and 550 pounds of musket balls, were thrown into the millpond. All the spiked cannon were repaired the next day, (those with broken trunnions and hammered muzzles were not, however) and all the shot was also recovered. Barrett’s house had been an arsenal weeks before, but few weapons remained now, and these were, according to family legend, quickly buried in furrows to look like a crop had been planted.”


What we can derive from this account is highly relevant to understanding the importance of the Second Amendment and why it was written the way it was. First, we see the value of intelligence when resisting a government bent on oppressing its own people. All successful rebellions depend on information networks, informants and spies. In this case, the colonists were able to thwart and rout a vastly superior force by using their intelligence networks to develop the information on the British mission and objectives.

In the story of Blackhawk Down, the American Rangers likewise stage a raid to capture a Somali warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid. But the mission was compromised when the Somali spy network raised the alarm summoning the local militia. Burning tires and hand-held radios allowed the Somali’s to rally much like the American Colonial militia did that day at Lexington and Concord. Even the Ranger’s retreat from the city, the legendary “Mogadishu Mile” bears a stunning resemblance to the British retreat back to Boston with Americans sniping and harassing them along the way.

Luckily Patriot leaders Adams and Hancock were able to escape allowing them to play their parts in the Revolution. (Eerily, Mohammed aidid also escaped the raid in Mogadishu) Critical supplies were also able to be removed, hidden or even destroyed making the British mission a futile exercise resulting in heavy losses for little gain. This story also illustrates why firearms registration should be resisted at every turn. The British targeted Concord because they KNEW in advance there was a Patriot armory there. In any government crackdown, it’s an enormous benefit to the government to have lists of targets, like gun owners.

There is another aspect of this story many would like to overlook or dismiss from today’s debate- the weapons involved. The British and Patriots were both equipped with small arms, smoothbore muskets, the assault rifles of their day. At the time there was no debate about the ownership of private arms in America. The tactics of the British Crown prior to and during the Revolution made firearms ownership a major point of discussion during the framing of the Constitution. So important was the provision guaranteeing personal ownership of firearms that it became the second item in our Bill of Rights right behind freedom of religion and speech.

Our Founding Fathers knew that cannons were held in private hands under the control of the militia. The militia does not report to the government as this battle clearly illustrates, rather formed up in opposition to the King. So, when gun control advocates say the Second Amendment doesn’t allow you to own a tank in one breath, yet in another claim that it only applies to the militia… they can’t have it both ways. The colonial militia had assault weapons and cannons and used them on government troops.



John Paul Stevens, the 97-year-old retired Supreme Court justice, is calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment and is encouraging anti-gun protesters to do the same. Stevens, once the leader of the court’s liberals, said the “schoolchildren and their supporters” who have been demonstrating against school shootings should “seek more effective and more lasting reform.”

            “They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment,” Stevens wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times on Tuesday. Stevens argued that the amendment – which states that “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” – is a “relic of the 18th century.” Fox News

  “Relics should choose their words carefully lest they be thought of in kind.” Dennis Merrigan

            It’s not every day a once powerful and influential Supreme Court Justice reveals publicly how utterly unqualified he is to have ever held the position in the first place. The above words from now-retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens are enough to cause a chill to run down the spine of every American patriot. Justice Stevens’ remarks about the Second Amendment reveal a thinly disguised, partisan-political bias against the fundamental laws governing our country. His opinions are so contrary to the literal, historic and spiritual meaning of our Constitution it’s terrifying to think this man once ruled on matters of national importance.

            Justice Stevens has chimed in on the Second Amendment at a time when the left has waged an open campaign against firearms ownership the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment because of criminal, mass school shootings. Adding fuel to this fire, Justice Stevens’s exhortation for gun control advocates to demand a repeal of the Second Amendment borders on idiocy. A repeal of any constitutional amendment requires a 2/3 majority in Congress AND ratification of 2/3 of the states. Given this has only happened once in our history (ending Prohibition) the political left’s chances of doing away with the wildly popular Second Amendment are slim and none. Justice Stevens, a champion of liberalism has to know that, doesn’t he? I mean he WAS a Supreme Court Justice after all.

       As troubling as Justice Stevens’ remarks are, they are even more vacuous when examined more thoroughly. His opinion illustrates the total lack of understanding (or utter disregard) of the concepts of freedom common to most liberals. The western style freedom we take for granted isn’t the natural human condition and must be defended always. In most of the world, human suffering is more the norm with occasional bouts of personal freedom popping up and disappearing almost as fast. His willful indifference displays the exact attitude necessary for a totalitarian state to come into existence, ironically a central reason for the Second Amendment in the first place.

               At his core Justice Stevens thinks we (the little people) need to trust he and other high ranking, enlightened government officials have our best interests at heart. We should understand that they know what those interests are, and they alone are best suited to the fair and unbiased protection of those interests even as he advocates eliminating a core Constitutional protection. We peasants are incapable of knowing what’s in our own best interest just like the Monty Python sketch portrays. Art imitates life for sure.

            This obviously is the natural, reflexive liberal aspiration, total control. Since he advocates stripping a core right away from us, by virtue of his former position and presumed gravitas the enlightened Justice forces us into a more thorough examination of his words and position than if uttered by the usual litany of anti-Constitution liberal crank politicians. Upon further examination, I don’t think what Justice Stevens advocates is even POSSIBLE.

            The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is enshrined in what has become known as the Bill of Rights arguably the most important part of any document in the history of mankind. These ten Amendments to the Constitution contain ENUMERATED rights. They are significantly more important than any other amendments because they were necessary for the ultimate ratification of the Constitution by the individual states at the time of its writing. Without these guarantees of individual, personal liberty many states would have balked at signing on to the historic founding document.

             “One of the many points of contention between Federalists and Anti-Federalists was the Constitution’s lack of a bill of rights that would place specific limits on government power. Federalists argued that the Constitution did not need a bill of rights because the people and the states kept any powers not given to the federal government. Anti-Federalists held that a bill of rights was necessary to safeguard individual liberty.”

            It was this division that caused James Madison to come up with a solution palatable to both sides. His solution was a list of amendments specifically addressing the concerns for the protection of individual liberty or what are referred to as “natural rights”.

            Natural rights were those deemed common to ALL MANKIND at birth as endowed by our CREATOR, God almighty. The concept of “natural right” was Earth shattering at the time because prior to our Constitution, outside circles of enlightened thinkers and scholars, the notion of rights coming from anywhere, but King or government simply didn’t exist. (Cue the Monty Python Sketch) Our Constitution as manifested in our Bill of Rights set out to change that for all eternity.

          It is firmly stated in our founding documents that our rights do not come from man. Logically speaking, rights that don’t come from man can hardly be taken away by man. The Second Amendment enumerating the right to keep and bear arms and by extension, the right to self-preservation, like every other in the Bill of Rights has been endowed on us by our Creator. It’s irrevocable. Therefore, I postulate that even as a listed amendment to the Constitution, the very nature of this right is irrevocable and immune to deletion under ANY scenario. It would be akin to eliminating the right to free speech by vote. The concept that American’s aren’t free to speak their minds is unthinkable.

            “The Bill of Rights is a list of limits on government power. For example, what the Founders saw as the natural right of individuals to speak and worship freely was protected by the First Amendment’s prohibitions on Congress from making laws establishing a religion or abridging freedom of speech. For another example, the natural right to be free from unreasonable government intrusion in one’s home was safeguarded by the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirements.”

            In its most basic form, the Constitution is a contract drawn up between the original states. Since the insertion of the Bill of Rights was necessary for some states like New York and Virginia to ratify the Constitution, eliminating any or all of those amendments could conceivably render the entire Constitution null and void. Also, it begs the question: how does one give up or lose a natural right? How do we eliminate the very concept of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Even when a prisoner is executed, we aren’t killing the concept of the right to life. This is a penalty justly implemented upon an individual for their crimes. It isn’t a collective punishment or the wholesale refutation of that right. With rights come responsibilities. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights merely confirm what we know to be true:

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            “certain unalienable Rights” To understand and believe these words is to understand that no power granted unto man or government has the ability to strip away from us what has been given to us by God. Man didn’t make us free in his image, God did. One man doesn’t grant another man his “rights” God does. Therefore, a Supreme Court Justice, a Congress a President or even a King can’t take away our rights under the Second Amendment. They exist with or without a piece of paper. The paper just documented them for posterity.






Essay: The Reality of the Historic Relevance of the Second Amendment


I was at the gun show in Oaks today taking in the sights and sounds of freedom. While I was there I was thinking long and hard about the real meaning of the Second Amendment. I couldn’t help but notice how many Vets were there too. Amazing how dearly they hold our sacred liberties and why not, they fought and served to secure them for all time. One of the arguments I often hear from the left is that the Second Amendment is an anachronism, a wistful, idealized notion of a bygone era where civilians were able to stand up to the king. They often say that average Americans would never stand a chance against a modern Army with just small arms like AR-15’s and pistols so there is no real need to own them. A cursory review of history destroys that narrative outright. America has fought a lot of wars but those where we fought non-conventional armies were without question the longest, bloodiest and least successful. Here’s a quick review:

The American Revolution 1775-1783 (8 years). Untrained American colonists waged a successful insurgency against the world’s foremost military power, winning a stunning military and political victory changing the course of human history.

The American Civil War 1861-1865 (4 years) Although not as long as other wars it was America’s bloodiest claiming nearly 750,000 lives. The Confederacy managed to raise a civilian Army and fight the vastly superior Federal Government nearly to a draw. Many historians believe the Confederacy could have won if they had fought a less conventional war.

The Viet Nam War 1965-1973 (8 years) America fought against a vastly technologically inferior peasant and conscript army losing 53,000 military members in the process. The Vietnamese managed to tie down an enormous portion of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and even elements of the Coast Guard for much of a decade. The result: America withdrew in the face of frustrating losses and little political progress. The North invaded and conquered the south and Viet Name became Communist.

Iraq/Afghanistan War- 2003 until present. (18 years) After initially crushing the conventional forces in Iraq and Afghanistan America became embroiled in an Islamic insurgency and civil war that rages on to this day. Although not as active as at its height, the insurgency has largely been fought by guerilla militias and irregular terrorist forces. America has lost thousands of service members for little political gain. Once again, the power of an insurgent movement to stand up to a conventional force by mostly indirect and asymmetric means can’t be disputed.

And just for comparison- World War I- 1917-1918 (Approximately 20 months), 50,000 killed. Result- Germany and her allies vanquished.

WWII 1941-1945 (Just under 4 years) Approximately 405,000 military members killed. Result- America and her allies destroyed the combined armies, navies and air forces of Germany, Italy, Japan and their allies once again changing the course of human history. It should be noted other countries throughout history have had their own experiences with insurgencies and they are often long, drawn out and bloody affairs demonstrating conclusively the power and intent of the Second Amendment.


What you are watching here is the very essence of domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism isn’t just mindless violence. It’s violence designed and executed to achieve political objectives that are unattainable through the usual established, peaceful, political process. The radical left is unable to advance their agenda through our legal election process so they are now resorting to premeditated, coordinated violence designed to destabilize society. This is classic communist / fascist style anarchy. Make no mistake about it- this is a grave threat to our freedom and our Republic. Together with their aligned, sympathetic mainstream media, ANTIFA can be an incredibly destabilizing force. ANTIFA must be crushed before they achieve their stated objective, sparking a civil war.

Good Bye NFL


As a young man, I chose to give up four years of my life to serve our country. I served in the Army in Europe with people from all walks of life, at a time when the Russians were a serious threat to the peace and stability of the West. We managed to squash that threat without ever firing a single shot. It just took the will and determination of a lot of high school age kids to get up every morning and go to the motor pool, fire up the tanks, and let the enemies of peace and freedom know that the road to dictatorship and conquest went through us. Luckily for everyone, they got the message loud and clear.

Everyone celebrated when the Wall came down and the Soviet Union disintegrated. Yeah, it was my generation that accomplished that. At a time when our friends were back home, going to college and partying, lots of us chose another path like the proud Viet Nam Veterans before us. If I had to do over, I’d do it again because I know my small part of the pie, however insignificant in the big scheme of things meant something. Ultimately it meant freedom for millions and millions of people who seem to have forgotten that time. Now half a lifetime later, the Russians have resorted to their same old tricks and this new generation thinks they are immune from the threat.

After the Army, I spent a quarter century in the emergency services. On 9-11, I watched the towers fall with the rest of the world. Watching those firefighters in NYC die I thought “there but for the grace of God go I” since the terrorists decided to attack New York and not my city. Life has never been the same for any of us.

Today we are treated to the despicable sight of pampered NFL athletes disrespecting our Military, our Police and Emergency Services and our Country. They disrespect our flag while our jets fly overhead. They disrespect the Police who provide them the security to play a game. Do they even understand what goes into providing the emergency response and security for an NFL game during this era? Do they even care? Of course, they don’t. I’ve worked NFL games. There are literally hundreds of people there just to make sure that if God forbid the worst happens, we will rush in and help make it stop.

But we also have our pride and dignity. I don’t have to support an industry that cares so little about the people who back them up every step of the way. I don’t have to support an industry where ignorant people make outrageous political statements and disrespect MY feelings. My life has been shaped by my experiences: service and dedication to causes bigger than myself. My family has been put upon and still supported me through the darkest days. You don’t get to disrespect me and my family and expect my continued support.

Goodbye NFL, it’s you not me.

It’s been real.

Signed: An American Veteran.

Numbers… Matter.



This crowd appears to be the cause of a “State of Emergency”.


So has anyone heard an official head count on this “massive” Klan rally yesterday? The MSM is always prepared with numbers and statistics when it fits or reinforces their narratives. Somehow they haven’t put forth any numbers (to my knowledge) of “white supremacists” in attendance. Given these idiots usually turn out 40-50 people (testifying to their lack of broad based support) I’m shocked we haven’t been hammered with those numbers. Is it as I suspect because there was only a dump truck’s worth of “right wing nationalists” as opposed to hundreds and hundreds of ANTIFA there? Anyone?

“In May, a torch-wielding group that included prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer gathered around the statue for a nighttime protest, and in July, about 50 members of a North Carolina-based KKK group traveled there for a rally, where they were met by hundreds of counter-protesters.”


Truth To Power…


It’s disturbing to see how the left has been able to mainstream so many vile things: pedophilia, illegal immigration, illicit drug use, hatred of the police, racism, stupidity, and on and on. Their latest accomplishment was on full display today in the form of political violence. The left’s loss at the ballot box has morphed into full blown political violence typified by leftist entertainers like Chelsae Handler openly calling for a coup against President Trump. We are a free, open and tolerant society but every society eventually reaches its breaking point. Nothing helps reach that point faster than open violence and lawlessness. The left better heed the lessons of history because it won’t end well for them if they don’t.